Yolanda Sapiain

CEO & Founder

I am a Venezuelan lawyer, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela, known as «the house that overcomes the shadows». Born in the bosom of a humble home of a family of educators, in a small agricultural-livestock town, called San Felipe, capital of Yaracuy state, located in the center-west of Venezuela.
The second of 9 siblings in total, always with great desire to advance, after graduating as a high school graduate from the Fray Luis Amigó school in my hometown, I moved to the capital of Venezuela, Caracas to study at the Central University of Venezuela, the career of Law, where I graduated with the title of Lawyer, and later moved to Spain, where I studied a Masters in Human Resources Management in the Financial Center of Madrid.
After completing my studies, I returned to my native country, moving to the city of Valencia where I dedicated myself to the practice of my profession, studying at the University of Carabobo another post-graduate degree, consisting of a Specialty in Criminal Law, remaining in that city until 2014, when in the company of my family, I decided to immigrate to the United States, after the serious political, economic and social crisis that had been looming for a few years in my country, but which worsened from that year.
While in the United States, after having dedicated myself to different trades typical of an immigrant recently arrived in this country, I undertook the creation of a digital platform of online and virtual courses, which will allow me to learn and improve my skills.

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